Gran Turismo PSP

Gran Turismo PSP

Digital Release:PlayStation Portable
September 30, 2009 (US)
October 01, 2009 (AU, EU, JP)
Delisting:Feb - Apr 2020 (AU, EU)
Developer:Polyphony Digital
Available On:Digital:
PlayStation Portable (JP, US)

PlayStation Portable
Links:PlayStation Store page (EU) page


Gran Turismo PSP (aka Gran Turismo: The Real Driving Simulator) was delisted from the PlayStation Store across Europe and Australia. Based on Google Cache archives of the Australian PlayStation Store page, the game was still available on February 23rd, 2020 and confirmed to be delisted by mid-April 2020 when it was pointed out to the site.

The last official news on the title came in 2012 when its price was permanently reduced in Australia and Europe. Later that year a “PSP the Best” re-release was issued in Japan which remains available as of this writing. The territorial delisting could possibly be due to specific licensing of the cars featured in the game or a consolidation of digital offerings on Sony’s part.

About the Game

Prepare for the most authentic handheld racing experience as Gran Turismo® debuts on the PSP® system. Prove your driving skills on 35 tracks, and trade or share more than 800 stunning cars from the world’s top manufacturers. Download this game for your PSP® system today.

  • Depth and Variety – Collect more than 800 licensed vehicles from international automakers.
  • Expand Your Collection – Trade and share cars with friends to expand your collection via Ad Hoc wireless.
  • Hit the Road – Race on 35 licensed and fictional tracks, with 60 track layouts total. Compete in time trials, races, or drift mode challenges.
  • Slick Visuals -Runs on a new graphics engine designed for the PSP® system that delivers stunning visuals at a crisp 60 frames per second.
  • Friendly Competition – Compete with friends in three unique multiplayer modes via Ad Hoc wireless.
  • Test Your Driving Skills – Complete over 100 Driving Challenges to hone your driving skills and learn new cornering, braking and other driving techniques.
  • Head Start on Gran Turismo® 5 – Transfer your collection of cars to Gran Turismo® 5 when it releases to get a jump on the competition.

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