Gran Turismo 6

Gran Turismo 6

Digital ReleasePlayStation 3
December 06, 2013 (AU, EU, JP, NA)
DelistingJanuary 19 – March 11, 2018
DeveloperPolyphony Digital
Available OnRetail
PlayStation 3
LinksGran Turismo 6 homepage page
PlayStation Store page


Gran Turismo 6 was last confirmed available to download on January 19th, 2018 and confirmed delisted no later than March 11th, 2018 when reader T87 submitted it to the site. We have yet to identify a more exact delisting date. The delisting is likely due to licensing from one or more of the many car manufacturers featured in the game.

On December 28th, 2017, Polyphony Digital announced that online features for the game would end on March 28th, 2018. A second announcement on March 15th, 2018 confirmed that Gran Turismo 6 support on as well as Hungarian language support on the site would also end on March 28th.

About the Game

Gran Turismo 6 was the first numbered entry in the series to be available for download. The first downloadable title was the PlayStation Portable version of Gran Turismo, released in 2009. As of this writing it remains available to purchase and download from the PlayStation Store alongside the series’ latest entry, Gran Turismo Sport.

Your Legacy Begins Here

  • Unlock your racing passion with 1200 cars on more than 100 circuit layouts
  • Drive future automotive designed vehicles with Vision Gran Turismo*
  • New Physics Engine: Offering the most authentic true-to-life driving experience on a fully active suspension, tire, and aerodynamics model
  • Access and create online events with web based enabled devices

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Thanks to T87 for submitting this game to the site.