Four Rockman delistings in December, Western versions could be at risk

There’s sad news for Japanese Rockman fans and potential bad news for the rest of the Mega Man-loving world coming up in just over a week. Capcom Unity Japan announced on November 26th that four PSone Classic Rockman releases will be removed from sale on December 13th. Those being Rockman 8, Rockman X4, Rockman X5 and Tron Ni Kobun (aka The Misadventures of Tron Bonne).

As Rockman Corner points out, three of the titles are still available to download in other Mega Man/Rockman collections but with the removal of Tron Ni Kobun, there will be no legitimate way to play this one or its PocketStation Kobun mini-games in Japan. The bad news for the Western world is that Capcom has yet to confirm if these delistings will extend to North American where the games are still available to download individually.

Some speculation suggests that the Japanese delistings could be tied to specific vocal performances. This could potentially keep the English language releases safe but if you’ve ever been interested in these games you might want to grab them soon, just in case. Thanks to The Everyday Otacon for pointing this one out.