DOOM Classic Complete

DOOM Classic Complete

Digital Release:Steam
August 03, 2007

PlayStation 3
November 20, 2012 (AU, EU, US)
Delisting:July 26, 2019 - PlayStation 3 (AU, EU)
August 01, 2019 - PlayStation 3 (US)
Developer:Bethesda Softworks
Publisher:Bethesda Softworks
Available On:Steam
PlayStation 3 (US) page


DOOM (Xbox 360), DOOM II (Xbox 360), DOOM Classic Complete (PlayStation 3), and DOOM 3: BFG Edition (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3) were delisted on July 26th, 2019. All of the titles were delisted on the same day as the announcement and release of their modern counterparts during QuakeCon 2019.

The titles were presumably delisted to “avoid confusion among players” searching digital storefronts for DOOM but may also have been delisted to force players over to the newer, more expensive releases of the games.

As of late July 2019 the compilation release was still available on the PlayStation 3 exclusively in North America but was delisted no later than August 1st.

About the Game

Dust off your BFG and ready yourself for the definitive battle against the forces of Hell. DOOM Classic Complete includes the seminal shooters that laid the ground work for the entire first-person shooter genre: DOOM (with the additional episode ‘Thy Flesh Consumed’), DOOM II (including the additional episodes ‘No Rest for the Living’ and ‘The Master Levels’) and Final DOOM.

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