Delisted Games YouTube Channel taken down but coming back soon!


Earlier this week, as I was updating a page on the site, I came to find that the Delisted Games YouTube channel had been completely obliterated. I was given no advance notice or warning of anything I was doing to break YouTube’s copyright policies. Yes, a few trailers I had uploaded received the typical content ID matches that send ad revenue to the owner instead of me. It’s happened on that channel and my personal channel as well with no other repercussions until now.

It was either one of the trailers that got dinged for stock music or it was one of the Xbox Fitness routine videos. Almost all of the trailers were hit with content IDs but to my knowledge none of the Xbox Fitness videos were. Still, they were entire workouts — some licensed, some created exclusively for the app — and as the views increased I could see them finally pinging on the radar of whoever owns them. Like I said though, if I’d been given any kind of warning I would have gladly deleted them. Sadly, those won’t be coming back on the new channel.

Right! So there is a Delisted Games channel that you can view and follow right here, but it may be some time before I get all of the hands-on videos uploaded and the details set back in place. In the meantime, my personal channel has a playlist with many of the same videos that I uploaded before Delisted Games launched, if there’s something you need to watch immediately.