Frogwares pulls The Sinking City from most platforms amid legal struggles with publisher

Frogwares Studio’s Sergey Oganesyan posted an open letter on the company’s blog on August 25th to explain why The Sinking City has just disappeared from most platforms. It’s a detailed read, calling out shorted payments from publisher Bigben Interactive/Nacon and their subversion of Frogwares intellectual property. There’s plenty of detail if you’re so inclined but

Focus Home Interactive delists Frogwares titles without notice

In the wake of the unfortunate news regarding publisher Nicalis and Ittle Dew 2 developer Ludosity, news broke on September 26th of another similar situation between a different pair of studios. Longtime Sherlock Holmes developer, Frogwares, posted a letter to Twitter explaining that their publishing partner at Focus Home Interactive had enacted a new policy