Viewing Company : Arc System Works

Digital Release:Nintendo 3DS, Wii U
January 20, 2015 (US)
January 22, 2015 (EU)
February 24, 2016 (JP)

PlayStation 4, Vita
January 21, 2015 (EU, US)
October 26, 2016 (JP)

January 20, 2015
Delisting:May 13, 2016 (EU, US) - 3DS
May 31, 2019 (JP) - PlayStation and Nintendo Platforms
Relisting:No later than July 30th, 2016 (EU, US) - 3DS
Developer:Eden Industries
Publisher:Arc System Works (consoles) [JP]
Atlus (consoles) [EU, US]
Sega (Steam)
Available On:Steam
Nintendo WiiU (EU, US)
Nintendo 3DS (EU, US)
PlayStation 4 (EU, US)
PlayStation Vita (EU, US)
Links:Citizens of Earth homepage
Nintendo Japan page
PlayStation Japan page

Lost PlayStation Mobile slasher returns on Switch today

Like the early days of smartphone marketplaces, the PlayStation Mobile platform was a wonderfully weird, and frequently sleazy digital storefront for Android developers. It launched in 2012 on a handful of Sony-certified devices, including the PlayStation Vita, but like the recently announced retirement of PlayStation Vue, Sony’s push into another digital market never quite took off. By September of 2015 the entire marketplace was shut down, removing access to hundreds of games and apps.

Among these lost games was a promising looking hack ‘n slasher called Mononoke Slashdown. It launched in June of 2013 and was even chosen by Sony as a freebie to entice players to check out the offerings on PlayStation Mobile. The game disappeared alongside all the rest in 2015 but thanks to Arc System Works and the original developer, FK Digital, it’s finally playable again.

Launching on Nintendo Switch today, October 31st, the game retains its original title and style, and appears to be a fairly accurate recreation of the PlayStation Mobile release. It isn’t free this time around but it isn’t too pricey at $6.99. Check out the trailer above and compare it to the PlayStation original as seen here.

Credit: Michael Huniu and Nintendo Everything

Guilty Gear X2 #Reload and Guilty Gear Isuka return to Steam

After publishing rights changed hands back in August 2016, both Guilty Gear X2 #Reload and Guilty Gear Isuka were removed from Steam. Not much had changed until January 6th when one forum post asking where the game was elicited a response from one of the developers at Arc System Works.

Sure enough, both games were returned to sale later on January 6th with the publisher changed from KISS ltd to Arc System Works. I’ve updated both game pages on the site.