Clock Simulator

Clock Simulator

Digital ReleaseSteam
July 20, 2016

Nintendo Switch
January 10, 2019 (EU, NA)
DelistingMarch 19, 2021
Available OnNintendo Switch (EU, NA)
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Kool2Play announced on March 10th, 2021 that their older Steam titles — iHUGU, Nice Slice, Hyperide VR, Estiman, and Clock Simulator — would be removed from sale on Steam as of March 19th. A similar message was posted to each title’s Steam Store page on March 10th:

We’d like to share with you an important update regarding [this title] as the game will be removed from Steam on March 19. Everyone who purchased it will still have access to it from the games library. The same goes for those who decide to buy the game in the coming days – prior to March 19. [This title] is purely a single-player experience and due to our actions, you won’t lose access to any major features. Sorry for the inconvenience!

In reply to comments on the announcement, one of the developers at Kool2Play, Tomsta, added that “The focus is on way more meaty and meaningful titles like Uragun and that’s how we’d like to position our studio on gamedev map”. In another reply he added that their existing titles “were pretty old mobile ports and we kinda shifted the way we’d like to make games. The emphasis now is to make premium indies like Uragun and it requires us to review our past. Thanks for understanding!”

As of this writing all of their titles as well as Dungeons & Aliens remain available on Nintendo Switch.

About the Game

Clock Simulator is a minimalistic rhythm game. It puts the player in the role of the clock itself to explore the concept of time in a whole new way and offer challenge, relaxation, or plain and simple fun. All that a clock needs to do is to advance precisely once every second. Second, after second, after second, after second… Sounds simple enough? But could YOU take over and do it? Calm down. Relax. Focus on your inner rhythm. Click once a second. Every second. You are the clock.

  • A unique concept of a clock-based rhythm game: you are the clock
  • Controls so simple you could play with your eyes closed
  • A variety of play modes and themes ranging from meditative to arcade
  • Option to unlock modes and themes you enjoy to play them at your own leisure

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