Ben 10: Omniverse

Ben 10: Omniverse

Digital ReleaseNintendo Wii U
November 18, 2012 (NA)
November 30, 2012 (EU)

PlayStation 3
December 11, 2012 (NA)

Xbox 360
February 12, 2013 (AU, EU, NA)
DelistingSeptember 2016
DeveloperMonkey Bar Games
PublisherD3 Publisher
Available OnRetail
Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo DS
Nintendo Wii
Nintendo Wii U
PlayStation 3
Xbox 360
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The Xbox 360 Games on Demand version of Ben 10: Omniverse was last confirmed available on August 31st, 2016. The next capture on October 1st shows that the game had been removed from sale. The game was also likely delisted from the Wii U eShop and the PlayStation Store for PlayStation 3 around this time.

The delisting of D3’s titles in Autumn 2016 is presumably due to the expiration of the publisher’s license to the Ben 10 property. Almost exactly one year later, in November of 2017, publisher Outright Games and developer Torus Games would release Ben 10 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

About the Game

Ben 10 Omniverse is based on the brand new series from the world renowned Ben 10 franchise! Players will experience the exciting Omniverse world in a new action game, where Ben discovers that untold events from the past are affecting the present. Play as both Teen Ben and Young Ben and work with your new partner Rook to defeat the evil plans of Malware, in an epic storyline that spans two time periods! Transform into 13 playable alien heroes and fight in 11 action-packed levels throughout the subterranean alien city of Undertown.

Game Features:

  • Fast-paced action based on the new Ben 10 show!
  • Play as both Teen Ben and Young Ben for the first time!
  • Fight alongside Ben’s new partner, Rook, and use his awesome Proto-Tool.
  • 16 playable characters including exciting new aliens like Bloxx and Gravattack!
  • 11 action-packed levels in show inspired settings.