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Aladdin & The Lion King return in a new Collection

Aladdin & The Lion King return in a new Collection

When the pair of 16-bit Disney platformers disappeared from Steam and earlier this Summer, it wasn’t too unfathomable to see today’s news coming: Aladdin and The Lion King are coming back. The $30 ‘Disney Classic Games’ collection will be released digitally and physically on October 29th with a few unexpected additions to the package.

Debuting on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One (with a PC release likely headed to Steam), the package is being helmed by the venerable preservationists at Digital Eclipse (Disney Afternoon Collection, Mega Man Legacy). As such, you can expect the usual upscaled graphics, a rewind feature, save states, and the ability to watch a playthrough of each game and take control at any point. 

Like previous collections, you’ll also get a “curated explorable museum” of behind-the-scenes art and interviews on each release. But what’s most interesting is the inclusion of multiple versions of each game, from the flagship Genesis and Super NES originals, to Game Boy iterations, and even a not-seen-since-1993 “tradeshow demo” of Aladdin.

If you did happen to own the delisted versions of The Lion King or Aladdin you can still download them from your purchase history on Steam or