UNO Rush

UNO Rush

unorushDigital Release:Xbox 360
March 25, 2009 (JP, US)
Delisting:December 30, 2014
(Available For: 5y 9m)
Developer:Carbonated Games
Publisher:Microsoft Studios
Available On:None page [Archive]


UNO Rush was confirmed delisted from Xbox Live Arcade by Twitter user lifelower no later than December 30th, 2014. Microsoft licensed the UNO property from Hasbro in 2005/2006 and was able to keep UNO Rush (and its predecessor, UNO) online after Electronic Arts struck their own deal with Hasbro in 2007. Ubisoft announced in August of 2014 that it was the new license holder for Hasbro properties resulting in the delisting of both UNO titles from Microsoft and most EA published titles.


About the Game

UNO RUSH™ is a challenging and exciting party card game for up to four players. Developed by the same Microsoft team that brought the original, best-selling UNO® to Xbox LIVE® Arcade, UNO RUSH™ boasts exciting gameplay and social features – multiple variants, house-rule options, local and Xbox LIVE multiplay, camera support, avatar support, full XSAM (LIVE Party Chat) support and more – plus fast-placed gameplay to keep the party going! Sort your cards whenever you have a second to think, because they’re played automatically on your turn. Think fast, keep an eye on your opponents’ cards, predict the flow of play, and above all, don’t forget to call UNO!


  • Full Avatar support
  • Full XSAM (LIVE Party Chat) support
  • Couch play for the whole family – Up to 4 players per console
  • Full guest support for multiple users per console over Xbox LIVE
  • Xbox LIVE Vision support
  • Big Button Pad support
  • Co-op Play for teams of two
  • Achievements

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