Tumble on PlayStation 3 Delisted as Tumble VR Releases


There are probably few people who are still interested in PlayStation Move games in 2016 which may be the reason that Tumble on PlayStation 3 has been delisted. It was one of the first titles shown for the PlayStation 3’s motion control peripheral back in 2010 and one that I was always waiting to go on sale. It’s a block-stacking puzzle game that received middling reviews but it always looked interesting to me.

I had checked in with the game’s PlayStation Store page earlier this year but as of October 11th it’s no longer available in the english territories. Hong Kong PSN still has it for sale as does GameStop.com where I may soon finally buy the $10 download code.

So, why would Sony delist one of their own original titles? I’m pinning it on product confusion as Tumble VR has just been released for the virtual reality headset. I don’t know if the content is similar but having two products with the same name that share some of  the same peripherals was apparently too much for Sony to bother handling. Fortunately, no other first-party PSVR titles share a name with older products and I haven’t seen any other delistings come from the lineup.