Sony makes it official: PlayStation 3, PSP & Vita removed from PSN website between October 21 and 26

Sony makes it official: PlayStation 3, PSP & Vita removed from PSN website between October 21 and 26

[UPDATE 03/29/21] On the evening of March 27th, 2021, the “old” PlayStation Store website ceased to function for the majority of users worldwide. Sony appears to have finally closed the loophole that many of us were using to access pre-PlayStation 4 content from the web. It is still possible to search and buy content from each console and handheld. Our original post is archived below.

Sony is starting to send out email communications to players about the PlayStation Store changes and we just got ours. Only a few details have changed since last week’s report from Planète Vita. The deadline has slipped back from the reported October 19th and will now take place between October 21st and the 26th. That date range probably accommodates for all of the regional PlayStation Store sites around the world, meaning some will be updated sooner than others. Expect the major regions — Australia, Europe, Hong Kong, Japan, and North America — to be updated closer to the 21st. The mobile app will still be updated on October 28th.

There’s also a glimmer of hope for those of you who prefer to play PSP games on a PSP. The official wording now reads “you will still be able to buy content by accessing PS Store directly from your PS3, PSP or PS Vita”. That ‘PSP’ was previously missing from the Planète Vita report and may mean that North American owners, at the least, can continue to access the PSN in some form directly from a PlayStation Portable. I’m not 100% hopeful but the wording changed so I wanted to point it out.

The rest remains the same so I’ll leave you with the official statement below. I’ve updated the Watch List calendar and in case you missed it earlier in the week, I’ve recorded videos of the PlayStation Store for every platform in most territories (with more to come this weekend). Check out the playlists and videos on our YouTube channel.

Our brand-new PlayStation™Store launches on web and mobile from 21 – 26 October 2020, and we are making some changes to the content you can access on PS Store via your desktop and mobile devices.

What is changing?

The following changes will come into effect online from 21 – 26 October, and on mobile on 28 October:

• You will no longer be able to buy:
o PlayStation®3 games and add-ons
o PSP™ (PlayStation®Portable) games and add-ons
o PlayStation®Vita games and add-ons
o Apps
o Themes
o Avatars

• The Wishlist feature will be discontinued and any items currently on “Your Wishlist” will be removed.

What does this mean for you?
The content listed above will no longer be available to buy on PS Store when accessed via a desktop or mobile device. However, you will still be able to buy PS3™, PSP or PS Vita content by accessing PS Store directly from your PS3, PSP or PS Vita. PlayStation®4 apps, themes and avatars can also be downloaded via PS Store on your PS4™ console.

What about the content you already own?
You will still be able to access all your previously purchased PS3, PSP or PS Vita content as before. Your existing PS4 apps, themes and avatars will remain on your PS4 console.

Where can you find out more?
If you have any questions about these changes, please visit