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Every PS3, Vita, and PSP game on the PlayStation Store, recorded [UPDATED]

Every PS3, Vita, and PSP game on the PlayStation Store, recorded [UPDATED]

[UPDATED 10/17/20] Japan and Hong Kong videos are now in the list! Thanks to a reader for also linking me to the European PSone Classics listing. It’s also in the list below

Ahead of the massive PlayStation Store changes we heard about last week, I spent a good chunk of Sunday recording every game, for every platform, in the three major territories on the PSN website. Like I did with the DSi Shop and Wii Shop, these videos present the interface before the major change takes place and are sorted alphabetically with a little intro.

Since navigating the PSN on a PlayStation 3 or Vita is frustratingly slow, I hope that these videos offer a quick reference that we can check before turning on the hardware. Of course, the older they get, the more likely the games are to be delisted, but I think these videos will be a good reference point. I’m hoping to have time before the 19th to also record the Japanese and Hong Kong PSN stores. Here’s the breakdown so far:

North America (US)Playlist

Europe (GB, UK)Playlist

Australia, New Zealand (AU)Playlist

Japan (JP) Playlist

Hong Kong / Asia (HK)Playlist