Every PS3, Vita, and PSP game on the PlayStation Store, recorded [UPDATED]

Every PS3, Vita, and PSP game on the PlayStation Store, recorded [UPDATED]

[UPDATE 03/29/21] On the evening of March 27th, 2021, the “old” PlayStation Store website ceased to function for the majority of users worldwide. Sony appears to have finally closed the loophole that many of us were using to access pre-PlayStation 4 content from the web. It is still possible to search and buy content from each console and handheld. Our original post is archived below.

[UPDATED 10/20/20] Thanks to @aarnlee and Kaylee, PS2 Classics on PlayStation 3 for Europe (GB, UK) and PSone/PS2 Classics for Japan (JP) have been added below

[UPDATED 10/17/20] Japan and Hong Kong videos are now in the list! Thanks to a reader for also linking me to the European PSone Classics listing. It’s also in the list below

Ahead of the massive PlayStation Store changes we heard about last week, I spent a good chunk of Sunday recording every game, for every platform, in the three major territories on the PSN website. Like I did with the DSi Shop and Wii Shop, these videos present the interface before the major change takes place and are sorted alphabetically with a little intro.

Since navigating the PSN on a PlayStation 3 or Vita is frustratingly slow, I hope that these videos offer a quick reference that we can check before turning on the hardware. Of course, the older they get, the more likely the games are to be delisted, but I think these videos will be a good reference point. I’m hoping to have time before the 19th to also record the Japanese and Hong Kong PSN stores. Here’s the breakdown so far:

North America (US)Playlist

Europe (GB, UK)Playlist

Australia, New Zealand (AU)Playlist

Japan (JP) Playlist

Hong Kong / Asia (HK)Playlist