Digital Release:Steam
November 11, 2016
Delisting:February 01, 2018
Available On:None
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Resin was delisted from Steam on February 1st, 2019. Steam user SUPERBOSS, who had struggled to get in touch with developer Rin Berd, relayed his alleged reason for removing the game in a Steam Community forum post:

He said he hates the game because it was rushed and made with selling it in mind, and that it’s simply not his best work so he felt bad that people were paying for it, and releasing it for free would be distasteful for the people who bought it, so it’s gone forever. He also wishes there were additional mechanics that weren’t thought of until the game was already basically finished.

After the game’s release in 2016, Siliconera spoke with Berd about the game’s design. It’s not hard to see the same sentiment he expressed to SUPERBOSS when he states, “I couldn’t shake off the feeling that I made a terrible choice making this kind of game the whole 7 months it was in development. But there’s no telling, I can’t go back and remake the whole game without this mechanic”.

About the Game

The events unfold in a dying world, dominated by machines and artificially created lifeforms. Warmth generators, the very last remaining living creatures in the world are used by machines as energy sources. You control an android woman made out of Resin, who was programmed with a task to slay the Warmth generators. Ironically, without their vital energy her life would also fade away.

Resin is a tough as nails 2D action-adventure with heavy emphasis on fighting. It has regressive leveling system, which means that every time you win a boss fight your character will become weaker, forcing you to adapt to new play styles and try out new strategies. It features a branching open world, multiple endings and bosses with different mechanics.

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