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Digital ReleasePlayStation 4, Xbox One
June 05, 2018 (AU, EU, US)

Early October 2020 - Xbox One

January 07, 2021 - Xbox One
Available OnDigital
PlayStation 4
Xbox One

PlayStation 4
Xbox One
LinksONRUSH homepage page


ONRUSH was relisted on Xbox One on January 7th, 2021. Codemasters did not give advanced notice of the game’s return. Apparently the server maintenance was completed, potentially delayed due to the global pandemic and the acquisition of Codemasters by Electronic Arts. Our original delisting details follow.


ONRUSH was delisted on Xbox One in early October of 2020. No public notice was given ahead of time but after we reported on the game’s disappearance Codemasters replied on Twitter with the following explanation:

ONRUSH on Xbox is currently in need of a security server update, meaning multiplayer will shortly be unavailable until December. Players can continue their progress in the single-player game modes. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience, and we will compensate all players with free in-game virtual currency. This only affects players on the Xbox family of devices. During this time, ONRUSH has temporarily been removed from the Xbox Store.

Codemasters tweet

A commenter confirmed that the PlayStation 4 version received its security update in September of 2020. We found no confirmation that the game was temporarily removed from sale during that time. We look forward to updating this page as soon as the Xbox One version is back on sale in December.

About the Game

ONRUSH heralds the return of all-action, gravity defying, arcade racing. A celebration of sensational speed, outright fun and over the top spectacle ONRUSH is a racing game where you are always in the heart of the action. ONRUSH is not about racing to the finish line. It’s not about car set up or tyre choice. It’s all about style, flair and the feeling of performing incredible takedowns, racing on the edge of control and risking everything in an effort to take the victory for your team. No arcade game would be complete without Boost, and ONRUSH takes this to the next level with RUSH – the ultimate racing power up. A devastating and exhilarating burst of energy and power, RUSH is a true game changer that can wreak havoc and destroy your competition.

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