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ONRUSH relisted on Xbox One after missing December return

ONRUSH relisted on Xbox One after missing December return

Last October Codemasters delisted ONRUSH from Xbox One, later explaining that a “security server update” was needed and that the game would be removed from sale as multiplayer features were temporarily offline. At the time Codemasters said that the game would return in December but the end of the year came and went without a word. I imagine being in the middle of a bidding war, on top of the ongoing work-from-home pandemic, didn’t help speed up the server upgrade process.

Thankfully the game, its DLC, and microtransaction packs made a return to Xbox One on the evening of January 7th. Back in October we heard that a similar server upgrade took place earlier in the year on PlayStation 4 but the game wasn’t removed from sale at the time. Speaking of the PlayStation 4 version, through January 20th the game is on a steep 75% discount in most territories bringing it down to only $2.50. 

Thanks to @AlexKVideos1 who pointed out the game’s return. Our page on the site has been updated.