ONRUSH temporarily delisted on Xbox One, returns in December [UPDATED]

ONRUSH temporarily delisted on Xbox One, returns in December [UPDATED]

[UPDATED: Oct 15, 2020 – 6:00am EST]

Codemasters reached out early this morning on Twitter with the following explanation regarding the temporary delisting of ONRUSH on Xbox One. The game will return to sale in December with free in-game currency for affected players.

ONRUSH on Xbox is currently in need of a security server update, meaning multiplayer will shortly be unavailable until December. Players can continue their progress in the single-player game modes. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience, and we will compensate all players with free in-game virtual currency. This only affects players on the Xbox family of devices. During this time, ONRUSH has temporarily been removed from the Xbox Store.

Codemasters tweet

This would’ve been great to know before the game was quietly pulled from sale but it does confirm Codemasters’ support of the title for the future. This also means we don’t need to worry too much about the PlayStation 4 version which has remained online and playable. Our original news post follows.

Thanks to Dom on Twitter for pointing out that ONRUSH, Codemaster’s competitive arcade racer from 2018, has been delisted on Xbox One. I haven’t found any archives to indicate when the game disappeared but it most likely happened in October. The reason I’m posting this as news is because ONRUSH is still available on PlayStation 4 for now. 

The Deluxe Edition is on sale across Australia, Europe, and North America for about $10 until October 28th but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was delisted before the end of the year. You can always grab it on disc but once online matchmaking is shut down it’ll take quite a few bot matches to finish off all the Trophies. The game also logs into a server at launch, but while Codemasters delists a lot of their titles I wouldn’t expect them to make the entirety of ONRUSH unplayable.

I couldn’t find any official statement from Codemasters or the dev team so until we see how things shake out I’ve added October 28th to the Watch List calendar and will have a page up for all versions of the game after that.