Narco Terror

Narco Terror

Digital Release:PlayStation 3
July 30, 2013 (EU, US)

Xbox 360
July 31, 2013 (US)

July 31, 2013 (US)
Delisting:July 06, 2016
Publisher:Deep Silver
Available On:Possible valid Steam code on Amazon
Links:PlayStation Store page page [Archive]
SteamDB page


Narco Terror was delisted on Steam on July 6th, 2016. The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions were presumably delisted on or around this date as well. The last capture that shows the Xbox 360 version available to buy was on January 22nd, 2016.


About the Game

Dishing out justice, one grenade at a time! Narco Terror combines the good of the old and the amazing of the new in an action-packed twin-stick shooter about an over-the-top one-man war against a drug cartel. In true arcade-style, it is filled with unlimited ammo, ear-splitting grenades, huge explosions, massive tanks, armed helicopters and fast planes. 1-2 players drop in/out, local and online.



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