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MLB Bobblehead Pros

MLB Bobblehead Pros

Digital ReleaseXbox 360
July 06, 2011 (NA, JP)
DelistingJanuary 08, 2013
Available OnRetail (as MLB Bobblehead!)
PlayStation 3 (JP) page


MLB Bobblehead Pros and MLB Bobblehead Battle were both delisted on Xbox 360 by January 9th, 2013 when reported their absence. Both games were likely delisted due to expired licensing from the MLB or the Major League Baseball Players Association. Reception for the titles was underwhelming and sales were likely low which may have also contributed to the decision to remove them from sale.

Konami released MLB Bobblehead Pros on PlayStation 3 exclusively at retail and only in Japan where it was titled MLB Bobblehead!.

About the Game

Step into the batter’s box with MLB Bobblehead Pros and swing for the fences! No longer do you have to show up on gameday to get your favorite player’s bobblehead doll. Now you can access all your favorite bobblehead dolls in one location! MLB Bobblehead Pros is packed with all the teams, players, and fanfare of Major League Baseball ready for you and your friends with co-op mode and online battle mode. Now you can bob your head in the big leagues!

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