Mainichi Issho / Everyday Together

Mainichi Issho / Everyday Together

Digital Release:PlayStation 3
November 11, 2006 (JP)

PlayStation Portable
October 15, 2008 (JP)
Delisting:November 11, 2009
Game Arts
Available On:None
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Mainichi Issho/Everyday Together (まいにちいっしょ) for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable was shut down on November 11th, 2009. The investment of time and support for Mainichi Issho’s daily updates proved to be unprofitable and so it was replaced on the same date with the launch of Weekly Toro Station (週刊トロ・ステーション).

About the Game

From Wikipedia:
Mainichi Issho includes various features coming from different genres, from [daily] news, to mini-games, to online communication, to artificial life […] though SCEJ marketed it as a “casual net” genre game. Among its more noticeable innovations are real time screenshot capture, in-game XMB access (Friend, Internet browser, BGM selection, HDD video upload, etc.) and Remote Play.

When no modes are selected, Mainichi Issho runs in autoplay and becomes a traditional artificial life game. Then Toro interacts with available items or do “ordinary” actions such as dancing, cleaning his apartment, reading, playing, phoning, drinking milk from his fridge, sleeping, or going to the toilet (from where he reads a newspaper). Since the game is performed in real time, these actions can vary with the time of the day or the night. New actions are added as new version updates or items become available.

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