Latest Ghostbusters Game Already Primed for Delisting?


It may be years away from a delisting but the newest Ghostbusters game from Activision for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam just made The Watch List. The developer, FireForge Games, has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy amid a spiraling legal scandal that’s totally unrelated to Ghostbusters. Kotaku and can fill you in on the details, I’m just here to point out that a licensed game with no active developer  is a prime mark for a delisting.

The game did make it to disc for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One so it won’t go extinct on consoles but the Steam version could eventually disappear completely. For anyone with a morbid interest in the negatively received game I think it’s safe to wait for a hefty markdown before buying. As a licensed game that isn’t directly tied to the new movie Activision could lash it to sequels and spin-offs of the legendary franchise for years.