Forsaken World

Forsaken World

Digital ReleasePC
March 22, 2011 – Online
June 14, 2011 – Steam
DelistingMarch 31, 2017 – Removed from Steam
April 28, 2022 – Purchases Disabled
November 30, 2022 – Server Shutdown
DeveloperPerfect World
PublisherPerfect World
Gearbox Publishing
Available OnNone
LinksForsaken World homepage [Acrhive]
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Forsaken World was first delisted from Steam on March 31st, 2017 presumably to shift the small player base to the dedicated PC version of the game. The follow-up, Forsaken World: Gods and Demons, wouldn’t release on Steam until 2021. Gearbox Publishing and Perfect World then announced on April 28th, 2022 that Forsaken World would be shutting down on all PC and mobile platforms later that year on November 30th.

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that we announce the upcoming shutdown of all Forsaken World (FW) servers on November 30th, 2022. On that day, your FW character will no longer be accessible.

This was a very difficult decision to make, but we are grateful for the love, support, and dedication you have poured into the game and all the wonderful communities that have come from FW. We no longer feel there is room for FW to flourish and grow. As amends to our most dedicated fans, we are making sure to offer refunds for the last few months.

Effective April 28 at 2 PM PT, the ability to purchase currency for FW will no longer be available. All FW purchases from March 1st, 2022 through April 28th, 2022 will be converted into Arc credit and allocated to your account. These Arc credits can be used in other Gearbox Publishing games: Perfect World International, Neverwinter, Star Trek Online, and Champions Online. Arc Points used towards FW during this same time period, will also be refunded to your Arc point balance. The refund processing will begin in May and take approximately one month to complete. As an additional thank you to the community, from May 11, 2022 until November 30, 2022 an assortment of items will be added to the boutique at their largest possible discount.

Thank you for your loyalty and support to FW over the last eleven years!

ArcGames Announcement – April 28, 2022

Like the Steam version, it is assumed that the decision to shut the game down was based on the dwindling number of active players and in-game purchases for the free-to-play game.

About the Game

Unite against the dark forces that threaten the world of Eyrda in one of the newest MMORPGs from Perfect World Entertainment – Forsaken World! Choose between six distinct races including the Stonemen, Elves, Dwarves, Humans, the Kindred, and Lycan, each with their own in-depth narrative and history. Roam through an ever-changing land, discover an advanced guild system and immerse yourself in a dark, fantasy world.

  • 6 Distinct Races – Choose between Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Stonemen, the Kindred, and Lycan
  • 8 Unique Classes – Decide your path as a Warrior, Protector, Mage, Priest, Assassin, Marksman, Vampire or Bard, each offering a customized play style
  • Over 10 Occupations – Become a Socialite, Adventurer, Merchant, Collector, Arcanist, Botanist, Astrologist, Armorsmith, Bladesmith, Tamer or Alchemist
  • Floating Guild Command Centers – Gain access to special guild features such as quests, housing, NPCs and guild-versus-guild warfare
  • Soul Shattering PvP System – Capture your enemies’ Soul Orbs to replenish HP, MP or to cast special skills during heat of battle
  • Auction House – Built-in auction house allows players to sell their loot to the highest bidder
  • Devotion System – Pray to the gods and receive special blessings
  • Dynamic Dungeons – Difficulty scales according to players’ experience
  • Stunning Equipment – Weapons and gear will evolve and gain new physical appearances
  • Versatile Pets – Pets will serve multiple purposes and be indispensible during battle
  • Auto-Navigation Quest System – Never get lost during quests with auto-navigation
  • Visually Stunning Graphics – First game to run on Perfect World Entertainment’s updated proprietary 3D graphics engine, Angelica

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