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Delisted Games is finally doing something on Twitch

Delisted Games is finally doing something on Twitch

If you’ve been following the site on Twitter or Facebook you may have caught the first two streams already but to make it official: Delisted Games is finally on Twitch. Ironically, I didn’t remember I had to turn on the auto-archive setting so the very first stream is itself delisted. But everything from now on will be on-demand on Twitch and most of it will then be archived on YouTube. So, subscribe or whatever if you’d like to see some assorted streams two or three times a week.

If you have any requests for games or coverage you’d like to see, let me know here or in the suggestion box on Twitch. Some of the ideas I’ve come up with so far include:

  • Delisted stREamSEARCH: Live diggin’ on the web! Let’s chat or collaborate while working on site submissions, news, or updates
  • Delisted Gameplay: Some footage of a delisted game or a look at a title before it shuts down
  • Weekly Site Recap: A quick browse through the game pages that hit the site over the past week, upcoming Watch List calendar events, or a discussion about some recent news
  • Emails or Q&A: I’m always happy to discuss questions, topics, or random thoughts from you! Delisted or not
  • Retro Faves: This is already on the books (and the first one is in the books). Got an old game you like? Let me know and I’ll try to give it a shot, or just play some of my own
  • What Else?

The site itself is still my priority so I’m only thinking about streaming a couple of times a week at most. I hope you like whatever content we come up with though, and tune in when you can. Thanks for your thoughts!