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Digital Release:Steam
November 15, 2016

PlayStation 4, Xbox One
November 15, 2016 (AU, EU, US)

Nintendo Switch
November 14, 2017 (EU, US)
Delisting:September 19, 2019 - Consoles
Relisting:March 19, 2020 - Nintendo Switch
Publisher:Nicalis (Consoles)
Ludosity (Steam, Nintendo Switch [2020])
Available On:Digital:
Nintendo Switch (EU, US)

Nintendo Switch (Amazon)
Links:Ittle Dew homepage
GoNintendo news post page [Archive] page page

vvvvvvDigital Release:PC
January 11, 2010 (Online)
September 07, 2010 (Steam)

Nintendo 3DS
December 29, 2011 (US)
May 10, 2012 (EU)
October 04, 2012 (AU)
October 12, 2016 (JP)

PlayStation 4, Vita
August 25, 2015 (AU, EU, US)

Nintendo Switch
November 17, 2017 (EU, US)
January 18, 2018 (JP)
Delisting:May 2, 2016 - Nintendo 3DS (AU, EU, US)
February 2018 - Nintendo 3DS (AU, EU)
February 2018 - PlayStation 4, Vita (AU, EU)
Relisting:August 24, 2016 - Nintendo 3DS (US)
Developer:Terry Cavanagh
Publisher:Nicalis (AU, EU, US)
Pikii (JP)
Available On:Nintendo 3DS (US)
Nintendo Switch (EU, US)
PlayStation 4 (US)
PlayStation Vita (US)
Links:VVVVVV Homepage
OUYA store page


Terry Cavanagh’s challenging 2D platformer, VVVVVV, just got a lot harder to play on the Nintendo 3DS. Merely one day after a new exploit was released that used the game to run homebrew code Nintendo pulled it from the 3DS eShop. Cavanagh himself was surprised at the news stating on twitter, “that’s unexpected!”.

While the exploit was only reliable with other exploits already in place, Nintendo apparently wasn’t taking any chances and pulled the game. It’s not the first game to be delisted thanks to an unexpected exploit. The infamous Cubic Ninja was removed from the eShop in November of 2014 for its use in bypassing the handheld’s software protection. The difference with VVVVVV is that the game was never released on a cartridge making it totally unavailable today on the 3DS. Fortunately, the game was released on a number of platforms and is still readily available for PC, mobile, PlayStation 4 and Vita. Check out the game’s Delisted page for more.

Source: Engadget