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The Golf Club 2 poised for delisting after June 30th

The Golf Club 2 publisher, Maximum Games, posted on Steam on April 27th to announce that the game would “no longer be available for sale from Maximum Games” after June 30th, 2020. That phrasing is vague enough to have fans worried about previous entries in the series from developer HB Studios as well as The Golf Club 2’s online features.

Maximum Games handled publishing for all versions of The Golf Club 2 while HB Studios published all previous titles themselves and have been working with 2K Games on everything since. Maximum Games looks like the odd man out here and it’s possible that HB or 2K could take over publishing of The Golf Club 2 after June 30th to keep the game online. However, it’s also possible that they’ll let the game go as PGA Tour 2K21 is slated for release in August. Unfortunately, no one has made a statement about the game’s future on Steam or consoles just yet.

The Golf Club 2 is currently on sale for only $2.99 on Steam until June 9th but its PlayStation 4 and Xbox One counterparts remain full price at $29.99. I’ll add the June 30th date to the Watch List calendar and keep an eye out after the deadline to see if publishing changes hands. Thanks to an anonymous reader for submitting this news to the site.