Art of Stealth

Art of Stealth

artofstealthDigital Release:January 12, 2017 - Steam
Delisting:January 17, 2017
(Available for: 0y 0m 0w 5d)

Developer:Matan Cohen
Publisher:Matan Cohen
Available On:None
Links:Steam Community page


Art of Stealth was delisted from Steam by Valve on January 17th, 2017. Valve posted to the game’s community hub on the same day, stating:

“We (Valve) have identified unacceptable behavior involving multiple Steam accounts controlled by the developer of this game, Matan Cohen. The developer appears to have created multiple Steam accounts to post a positive review for their own game. This is a clear violation of our review policy and something we take very seriously.

For these reasons, we are ending our business relationship with Matan Cohen and removing this game from sale. If you have previously purchased this game, it will remain accessible in your Steam library.”

The developer had also flagged negative reviews and attempted to remove negative videos from YouTube, specifically in the case of Jim Sterling.


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