Animal Super Squad, Strikers Edge, OnRush going offline after September 30th

Animal Super Squad, Strikers Edge, OnRush going offline after September 30th

More titles losing online features in just a few days with the end of service from GameSparks on September 30th. Animal Super Squad will lose years of user-created content but it appears the game will remain on sale. The game is currently available on Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and mobile platforms.

Sadly the GameSparks servers are shutting down and that means that Animal Super Squad will no longer have access to its community content. Thank you all for the keeping up with the game and creating content to share with the community, hope you all had a good time with this part of the game! The servers close on 30th September, so take these last couple of weeks and make the most of them in Animal Super Squad!

Announcement post on Discord – August 11, 2022

Strikers Edge will apparently be removed from sale on Steam and PlayStation 4 after September 30th. No announcement was made but in response to a question on Twitter the Fun Punch Games team replied that:

We’re a very small team and transitioning all the netcode to a new framework is extremely costly for us. We’ve been online for more than 4 years after it’s launch, so we believe we’ve had a pretty good run. We hope you understand. <3

Fun Punch Games Tweet – July 29, 2022

OnRush had previously been removed from sale and encountered an extended outage of online functionality. No official announcement has been made but as its online services were also provided by GameSparks it is practically certain that any remaining features will be lost on September 30th.

Thanks to everyone who pointed out the updates.