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A Twitch Update and new Schedule

It’s been almost a month since I started the Delisted Games channel on Twitch. I purposefully chose not to make a post here every time I went live because I didn’t want to dilute the main page with a bunch of notifications some of you probably don’t care about. That said, I’m making one now.

RUMOR: PS3, PSP, Vita content goes offline this Summer. REMINDER: It’s going to happen someday, get it while you can

[UPDATE 03/29/21] It’s really happening. Read Sony’s official post here. Our original post regarding the rumors follows. Word broke earlier today on from a “verified source” that Sony’s legacy digital storefronts would be shut down later this year. According to the source, PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 3 content would allegedly be removed from sale

Wishlists return to the PlayStation Store website

It looks like Sony is finally addressing one of the shortcomings of the new PlayStation Store website. Launched last October ahead of the release of PlayStation 5, the site removed all traces of pre-PlayStation 4 content as well as features like the wishlist. While we still can’t view screenshots of games, browse DLC, or filter