Space-based shooter Boundary set to go offline at the end of the month amid dispute

Surgical Scalpels’ space-based astronaut shooter, Boundary, is poised to disappear from Steam in just a few days at the “end of June” amid a developer/publisher disagreement. The publisher Skystone Games first made the announcement on Steam on June 19th blaming the team for delays in delivering content but Surgical Scalpels followed up that same day

Forza Horizon 4 to be delisted on December 15th, DLC removed today, Festival Playlist changes detailed

Playground Games and Xbox Studios made a surprising but not entirely unexpected announcement earlier today detailing their plans to remove Forza Horizon 4 from sale on Xbox and Steam, and from Xbox Game Pass this winter on December 15th. While these kinds of announcements for the series have become commonplace, what caught players by surprise