I think it’s time to treat the Xbox 360 Marketplace like they already announced it’s closing

For nearly the past 20 years Microsoft has managed the Xbox 360 Marketplace, home to digital exclusives, Games on Demand retail titles, and tons of DLC, trailers, themes, apps, and gamerpics. In recent years they’ve touted their efforts to keep this stuff online, even taking up publishing duties themselves or negotiating licenses between parties. But

LuckCatchers shutting down on June 1st

DiP Online announced all the way back in 2021 that development of LuckCatchers would be winding down and the team’s focus would move to the sequel, LuckCatchers 2. In the years since there’s been little in the way of updates but last week DiP Online announced that the original LuckCatchers will be shutting down on

Delisted in February, LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed is still playable on Facebook until year’s end

The mobile-focused, turn-based, minifig collect-a-thon, LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed, launched in February of 2020 on Android, iOS, and on PC via the Microsoft Store. With LEGO licensing to maintain and a presumably underwhelming amount of in-game purchases, Gameloft announced back at the end of January that the game would be removed from (almost) all storefronts

Free-to-play Military MOBA, Iron Conflict, shutting down on July 27th

Free-to-play, Early Access, military-themed MOBA, Iron Conflict, is shutting down later this Summer. Angela Game and Imperium Interactive announced the news on Steam early this morning. In-game purchases were disabled alongside the news with servers shutting down on July 27th. We sincerely appreciate your companionship and support for Iron Conflict! Due to the needs of