zombieapocalypseDigital Release:PlayStation 3
October 25, 2011 (US)
November 09, 2011 (AU, EU)

Xbox 360
October 26, 2011 (AU, EU, KO, US)
Delisting (approx):May 26, 2016
Developer:Backbone Entertainment
Available On:None
Links:PlayStation.com page
Xbox.com page
Official Homepage [Archive]


Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone was last confirmed available on Xbox 360 on May 27th, 2016. It has also been delisted from PlayStation Network for PlayStation 3. As it was only released digitally for these two consoles the game is now Extinct.


The exact reason for the delisting is unknown. Developer Backbone Entertainment’s other digital titles remain available so it doesn’t look like it’s related to the studio. It could be the game was an underperformer and in Konami’s withdrawal from the console games industry they chose to no longer support/renew its availability.

What Remains

Oddly enough, the game’s predecessor, Zombie Apocalypse, which was developed by now-defunct Nihilistic Software, remains available on both consoles as of July 2017.

About the Game

Four unlikely heroes find themselves caught in a fight for their lives when the Zombie Apocalypse hits their Canadian community. Banding together for both humor and survival – and armed with everything from guns to cricket bats – the four must find a way off the island… together.


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