Wik and the Fable of Souls

Wik and the Fable of Souls

Digital Release:PC
September 14, 2004 - Reflexive
May 10, 2007 - Steam
2011 - Amazon

Xbox 360
December 02, 2005 (EU)
December 14, 2005 (JP, US)
Delisting:June 2010 - Reflexive
2016 - Amazon
November 24, 2014 - Steam
Developer:Reflexive Entertainment
Publisher:Reflexive Entertainment
Microsoft Studios (Xbox 360)
Available On:Digital:
WildTangent Games
Xbox 360
Numerous online game portals
Links:Wik homepage [Archive]
SteamDB page
Xbox.com page
Reflexive.com page [Archive]
Reflexive hompeage [Archive]


Wik & the Fable of Souls was delisted from Reflexive’s own PC storefront in June of 2010, from Steam on November 24th, 2014, and from Amazon’s digital game store after April of 2016.

The game’s delisting is likely due to Reflexive Entertainment being acquired by Amazon in October of 2008. Games published by Reflexive on their own PC games portal were removed in June of 2010 or shortly thereafter. On Steam, all titles published by Reflexive were delisted in late November of 2014. The company’s website was last active in August of 2014 and by December the URL redirected to Amazon.com. Many of Reflexive’s titles can still be found online from Amazon, Big Fish Games, WildTangent Games, and other PC game portals.

About the Game

Download the latest game taking the internet by storm! Wik and the Fable of Souls has over 120 jaw-dropping levels, enchanting atmospheric music, stunning effects and never-before-seen game play. This is a delightful game featuring superbly detailed graphics that will keep you spellbound with amazement. Download and discover the mystery of Wik!

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