Vostok Games announces Survarium shutdown for end of May

Vostok Games announces Survarium shutdown for end of May

After a decade in development Vostok Games announced this morning that their free-to-play shooter, Survarium, will be shutting down at the end of May. The earliest beta tests began in late 2013 before a Steam Early Access debut in April of 2015. From some of the original creators of STALKER, Survarium matched the familiar post-apocalyptic setting with more fast-paced and competitive gameplay. Over the years it has managed to maintain close to 500 daily players on Steam with regular patches rolling out as recently as January. But the resources needed to maintain the game are now better spent on new projects and so the difficult decision was made to shut the game down. The team’s full announcement follows.

After almost ten years since the start, the time has come to close the book of Survarium. This decision has been under consideration for a long time, but we delayed it as much as we could because we realize how important and special the project has become to many of you. And thus is a decision made with a grieved heart.

We are immensely thankful to every player who has been with Survarium throughout its history – for your support, your constructive criticism, for the time devoted to the game – these have been fantastic years together! We believe and hope to continue this mutual path together in the future – with the Vostok Games projects to come. Subscribe to our pages on Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-date on future announcements and be the first to get access to the new games by the studio. On a separate note, we would like to particularly mention the players who have greatly contributed to the development of Survarium. Your efforts and support will not be forgotten!

In the meantime, our current game plan is as follows:

Until the end of March the game will continue functioning in full scope: we’ll proceed with releasing updates, and most of those changes will be based on your ideas and suggestions from Survarium’s official Discord channel. The technical support service and web-store will function accordingly.

Beginning of April we will cease to provide technical support and will switch off the monetization (web-store and in-game store), however the game servers will continue working. We will distribute 50,000 gold and 500,000 silver to all the players, so that each of you could obtain and try any weapons and equipment you like.

Finally, in mid-May we will start an in-game event dedicated to the closure of the game, following which the game servers will be deactivated. The game will also be delisted from Steam.

After the closure of Survarium, the team of Vostok Games will fully focus on the new project already in development.

Thanks again for all the support throughout all these years!

Always yours, The Survarium Team

For now the game remains available to jump into for anyone interested. You can grab the launcher directly from the Survarium homepage or from Steam. Thanks to Joe Mullin from Vostok’s PR team for submitting the news to the site. I’ve added some rough dates to the Watch List calendar and will have a page up on the site later.