March 17, 2016

May 19, 2016
Delisting:February 06, 2020 - Steam
February 07, 2020 -
Developer:Cyclone Studios
Publisher:Prism Entertainment
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Delisting team member Chandra posted to their forums on February 4th, 2020 that Requiem: Avenging Angel, Uprising: Join or Die, and Uprising 2 – Lead and Destroy would be removed from sale on February 7th. The same three titles were removed from sale on Steam one day prior, February 6th. Killing Time, which was delisted from in January of 2020, was also delisted from Steam on February 6th.

Some forum discussions allege that the Jordan Freeman Group — the studio working with ZOOM to update and re-release classic PC titles — has developed an unfavorable opinion of and has chosen to pull some of these games from the service.

As of this writing only Killing Time remains available, exclusively on ZOOM where it is also published by Retroism/Prism/ZOOM.

About the Game

Uprising offers more strategy than a military sim, and more action strategy than a shoot’em up. Using your hi-tech assault tank, loaded with powerful weapons, you need to establish tidal bases, mine for power, build factories and direct legions of allied units against the enemy – all in an amazing 3D world. The path to the stars was heralded as a new beginning for peace, expansion and discovery. It did not happen. The oppressive Imperium power now controls the whole of known space, and the masses are restless. Now is the time to rise up and smash this regime.


  • Hybrid first person action/strategy game
  • Take control of the powerful Wraith assault tank and command your armies against a ruthless horde of enemies
  • Develop your base to harvest energy, create military units, and prepare for massive destruction

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