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Triple Running Sports*

Triple Running Sports*

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This is a placeholder entry to be expanded at a later date.

Triple Running Sports was delisted on Nintendo Wii presumably around February of 2011 after developer, The Code Monkeys, announced they had “ceased trading” on February 1st. It was released among a series of “Triple Sports” titles throughout 2010 including:

  • Triple Jumping Sports
  • Triple Running Sports
  • Triple Shot Sports  
  • Triple Throwing Sports  


About the Game

Triple Running Sports is an advanced simulator, immersing the players in the world of competitive running.

Triple Running Sports is one of the most advanced recreational running game available for the WiiWare service, immersing the player in the world of competitive running.

Most events consist of activities that are traditionally derived from hunting and combat skills. Over time these practices have evolved into a variety of competitive sports that include 100m, 400m Sprints, Hurdles and the 1500m race.

As with real life running events you will have full control over the pace of the race. You must also take into account the finish line surge and the timing of hurdle jumps as these can all influence the success of the race.

Thanks to ‘Burt Ward’ for submitting information on this game to the site.