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Touting an easy Platinum Trophy, “Top Rated” has been pulled from the PlayStation Store

Touting an easy Platinum Trophy "Top Rated" has been pulled from PSN

The scintillatingly titled ‘★★★★★ 1000 Top Rated’ was released on PlayStation 4 earlier this week and removed by Sony within 48 hours. Polygon reported on the title that was singled out by Jim Sterling as a quick way to earn a Platinum trophy. The game itself is a tile-swiping puzzler based on Top Rated’s numerous wallpapers and themes already released on the PlayStation Store.

In a response posted on their Facebook page, Best Themes explained that “Sony has pulled the game temporarily and asked me to change the game’s name & not mention trophies in the Store trailer. I am happy to comply! I don’t know when it will be released again, but I’ll update this page as soon as I know.

For now the game is absent from the PlayStation Store but its page on remains. I’m holding out a while longer before officially adding it to the site but it’s tagged to the Watch List until we see how things shake out.