The Tomorrow Children back in Q-Games’ hands, updated game in the works

The Tomorrow Children back in Q-Games’ hands, updated game in the works

While it won’t result in a relisting of the original version of The Tomorrow Children, it’s still exciting and gratifying to hear that Q-Games has acquired the rights to the franchise from Sony and will be launching a new title in the future. The peculiar social experiment/free-to-play survival game launched in 2016 exclusively on PlayStation 4 before Sony shut it down just over a year later on November 1st, 2017. It may not have performed to Sony’s expectations but the game developed a vocal fanbase that has fueled Q-Games’ Dylan Cuthbert to this day.

I’d like to thank first and foremost the fans of The Tomorrow Children, without whom, I would never have had the confidence to keep pursuing this deal. Our fans are some of the most amazing gamers out there, and every day for the past four years they have kept the dream alive. I think the happiest thing about this decision is imagining the enjoyment those fans will feel as they re-enter the crazy post-apocalyptic neo-soviet world of The Tomorrow Children.

Secondly I’d like to thank Sony Interactive Entertainment for also working with me to have the IP returned to Q-Games. It has taken a concerted effort by all of us to get to this ultimate step, and I’m full of gratitude to everyone involved in the process.

I am now tweaking and re-working parts of the game every week, and I hope everyone follows along and gets involved in this process. We plan to make quite a few changes for the better, and give The Tomorrow Children the re-launch it deserves! 

Dylan Cuthbert, Q-Games

Starting with today’s announcement the team is also promising to document the entire process of developing the new title leading up to its currently unspecified release date. You can sign up for a new Tomorrow Children newsletter here or follow the game’s reinvigorated development on Twitter. Thanks to everyone who pointed out the news today!