Digital Release:Steam
March 4, 2016

Xbox One
October 06, 2017 (EU, US)
Delisting:September 13, 2018 (relaunched as The Culling: Origins, removed from Xbox One)
Developer:Xaviant Games
Publisher:Xaviant Games
Available On:None page
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The Culling was delisted from Xbox One on September 13th, 2018 according to reporting by On September 14th, the Steam version of the game transitioned to a free-to-play model, now known as The Culling: Origins.

In a Steam Community forum post preceding these changes, Xaviant addressed the Xbox One version specifically, stating that “we don’t have a firm date yet but we’re working to get the update to Xbox players ASAP. There is custom work required to support free-to-play on Xbox One as well as a certification process that must be passed. We’ll let you know when we have a better estimate”.

These changes to the original game came about following the disastrous launch and subsequent delisting of The Culling 2.


About the Game

In a remote arena, 16 contestants have 20 minutes to explore, scavenge items, craft weapons, build traps, hunt, and kill each other! Face to face, mano a mano, This is Battle Royale in its most brutal form. That means only ONE will be crowned the winner. Do you have the guts to survive?


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