The Coma: Cutting Class

The Coma: Cutting Class

Digital Release:Steam
October 19, 2015
Delisting:September 20, 2017
Developer:Devespresso Games
Publisher:Devespresso Games
Available On:None (See Below)
Links:Devespresso Games homepage
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The Coma (aka The Coma: Cutting Class) was delisted from Steam on September 20th, 2017. On September 21st, T.L. Riven from developer Devespresso Games posted to the game’s Steam Community forum to explain:

I’d like to make a few announcements to update our devoted players and fans. As you may have already noticed, The Coma: Cutting Class is no longer available for sale. In 2015, as a fledgling development team, it felt like a miracle that we were actually able to ship a game. Over the course of that year, we put a lot of effort into making the title. Most of us were working full-time jobs and many nights were spent burning the midnight oil to get the project done.

The community response was overwhelming when we finally self-published. We received a lot of encouragement and feedback. After some talks, we teamed up with Digerati Distribution to make our console debut. And what better way than to go back where it all began? What came from that partnership was The Coma: Recut. It’s hard to quantify all the little ways we’ve polished up the game. Suffice to say, we believe it is superior experience to the original Cutting Class in just about every way.

We hope that The Coma: Recut introduces a lot of new people to our special brand of Korean horror. For all of the dedicated fans, who have stood by us through thick and thin, we’re happy to offer you The Coma: Recut at no additional cost. Thank you for joining us on this awesome journey and we hope you’ll stay with us for more to come!

See you again in the dank halls of Sehwa High!

-T. L. Riven

In a seemingly similar fashion, the updated release of The Coma: Recut has been delisted on console platforms where its sequel, The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters, has been released. A version of the original game remains available only on iOS and Android platforms as The Coma: Cutting Class.

About the Game

You were just another normal high school student in Korea. You had just sat down for your final exam, exhausted from an all-night cramming session. The result of all your preparation, and those grueling hours spent studying was dozing off in the middle of the test.

You awake to find yourself alone – no one had bothered to wake you when class was over. Night has begun, and you decide to head home. If you can…

It’s a survival horror 2D adventure. Make your way through the now abandoned high school, packed full of haunting sights and dangerous traps. The school’s hellish corridors are not all you must contend with. Your fellow classmates and teachers have warped into frightening ghosts, who will stop at nothing to hunt you down.

In this unthinkable situation, your choice is clear: figure out what brought you here and escape the nightmare. Unfortunately, it seems that your school and its inhabitants have other intentions.

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