Slave Zero [RELISTED]

Slave Zero [RELISTED]

March 25, 2014

October 23, 2014

Between October and December 2019 -

March 2020 -
Publisher:Retroism (Initial Release)
Ziggurat (2019)
Available On:Steam page [Archive]


Slave Zero returned to alongside the release of several other vintage PC titles published by Ziggurat. At that time, the studio also announced plans to bring more older PC titles back to sale through 2020 and 2021. The original delisting details follow.


Slave Zero was delisted from no earlier than October 6th, 2019. This is the last date that captures show that the game was available to purchase. As of this writing the game remains available on Steam where it is now published by Ziggurat after changing hands from Retroism in December of 2019.

Some forum discussions allege that the Jordan Freeman Group — the studio working with ZOOM to update and re-release classic PC titles — has developed an unfavorable opinion of and has chosen to pull some of these games from the service.

About the Game

It’s 500 years in the future. Man and machine are virtually one, and the greatest megacity in the world is locked in a brutal war. Mammoth, biomechanical monsters tear at the sky, and the earth shakes with the full fury of a brutal battle. These are the warriors of the future, when war escalates to massive proportions, and immense power of destruction engulfs the streets. Harness the power, make a difference. Take control. Become Slave Zero!

  • Control 60 feet of raw power as Slave Zero.
  • Rampage through a city filled with hover cars, ground traffic, and screaming humans fleeing for their lives.
  • Protect your allies; steal from and destroy the enemy, while working your way up a 7 mile high city.
  • Crush cars and tanks under foot; climb city buildings or swat hover vehicles while completing mission objectives.

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