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Sam & Max Save the World again on December 2nd, original Steam versions delisted

Sam & Max Save the World again on December 2nd, original Steam versions delisted

It’s not technically a relisting but one of Telltale Games’ oldest titles will soon be available to buy again. Sam & Max Save the World Remastered hits Nintendo Switch, Steam, and with all six episodes lovingly recreated on December 2nd from Skunkape Games. The studio is composed of members from Telltale’s original Sam & Max team who were able to acquire the license along with much of the original content.

“We were sent basically everything that existed,” Jake Rodkin tells Vice of the hand-off. “Marketing assets, source code to the game, the source assets for the art, the source audio, all the original Maya animation files, all the original voice data, the source code to the game engine”.

There’s been no confirmation of the same treatment for the successive Sam & Max adventures but a keen eye might spot Season Two and Season Three waiting in the wings on the remaster’s new homepage. After the recently announced Sam & Max: This Time It’s Virtual hits, there might even be a Season Four in the cards.

Unfortunately, there is one bit of bad news to point out for the series. Now that the remaster has been announced, the original Sam & Max Season One and Sam & Max: Complete Pack have been delisted from Steam and will likely be removed from Xbox 360 soon. I’ll be updating our current Sam & Max pages on the site soon with some updated details.