Resources to help you keep up with delistings and shutdowns

Resources to help you keep up with delistings and shutdowns

So it’s been a bit longer than I planned but I wanted to offer up a collection of links and resources that I’ve found useful over the years for trying to keep up with delistings. This is by no means complete or extensive, it’s just the sites I’ve come to check frequently or that have been regularly mentioned in the submissions. 

Active Resources / News / Upcoming Announcements

The Games at risk of removal Steam group is always on the ball when games are leaving Steam. Their curator list is frequently updated and many of the news posts I added to the site came directly from them. If you’re a Steam player looking for what’s going away, this group is a must-follow.

I’ve actually never been to TrueSteamAchievements before now but I’d guess they are on par with their “True” PlayStation and Xbox brethren. Just wanted to add the link as another place to check.
When the GOG team gets advanced warning about a delisting they frequently stick it to the top of their General Discussion forum. The forum is active with lots of other gaming discussions but the delisting announcements aren’t too common. Still, if you’re on the lookout for games leaving the GOG platform, keep checking here.

You’ll have to actively keep up with their forums to catch the news but the communities at both PSNProfiles and TrueTrophies are quick to point out the sudden disappearance of games and announcements of upcoming delistings. 

While there have been a handful of sources I’ve followed for PlayStation releases, on the Xbox side I’ve really stuck with just TrueAchievements. Some of the oldest pages on the site reference TrueAchievements and the community there is just as active as their PlayStation contemporaries.

Since Nintendo never incorporated achievements there isn’t a ravenous community of Hunters keeping track of completion rates and unobtainable trophies. But there is no shortage of sites tracking the comings and goings of everything Nintendo like NintendoLife and Nintendo Wire

Deal & Price Trackers

It would take an awful lot of time to periodically check every game on every platform to see if it’s still available (or on sale) so the price tracker sites are your next best bet. Thankfully they get better and more robust all the time and there is an increasing number of them out there. The two I’ve used regularly are DekuDeals and PSPrices, both of which now cover multiple platforms.

For the more personal touch there’s the active community over at Cheap Ass Gamer and the incomparable deal hunter, Wario64 on Twitter (who regularly breaks the news about delistings and shutdowns).

Gaming News and Blogs

If you’re reading this you’re probably already following at least a few of the major gaming sites. Although they cover a wide variety of news and culture, each has broken a delisting or shutdown announcements in the past so if you’re hunting for the latest these are all worth a follow:

You can dig even deeper though and get into the business and sales analysis side of things. is a great source of industry related news where announcements of mergers and acquisitions can tip you off to potential upcoming delistings. The Install Base forum is even more in-depth with users analyzing and translating investor and shareholder documents. 

Just Give Me a List

These links won’t necessarily help you spot games before they’re gone but if you just want to see all the games on a platform to hone in on ones that are of interest to you, here are some great places to look.

Our Stuff

I may not be actively adding them to the site myself but you are all free to submit and peruse our own submission form and spreadsheet of responses to see the latest coming in from, well, YOU. Thanks for continuing to submit games and news, they don’t go unnoticed and in time I hope some new folks will be bringing them to the front page!

Feel free to share more links and resources in the comments. There are so many sites and individuals on social media and forums keeping track of specific genres, platforms, and games.

Once again I just have to say thank you ALL!
The response over the last week has been immense and nothing but positive and supportive. I hope these resources can help you catch upcoming delistings and shutdowns before some of your favorite games are gone.