Digital Release:Steam
May 18, 2017
May 19, 2017
Delisting:November 22, 2017 (
November 30, 2017 (Steam)
Developer:Big Star
Publisher:Big Star Games
Available On:None
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Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days was delisted from on November 22nd, 2017 and from Steam on November 30th, 2017. No official announcement was made by the developer, publisher, or licenseholder, Lions Gate Entertainment. On November 17th, a forum post from Team member elcook gave advance notice of the delisting, explaining only that:

“Due to official closure of the company behind Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days, we will be removing the game and the soundtrack from GOG’s offer on Wednesday, November 22nd at 5 PM UTC.  Until then you can get both with a 50% discount.”

Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days was publisher Big Star Games’ and developer Big Games’ first and only titles. It seems likely development issues or money are to blame for the companies shutting down and abruptly resulting in the game’s removal. An Xbox One version was also planned but was never released.


About the Game

Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days lets players take on the role of memorable characters Mr. Blonde, Mr. Blue, Mr. Brown, Mr. Orange, Mr. Pink, and Mr. White as they embark on several heists based on the movie. Using “Time Back” combat, players will need to rob, shoot and provide cover fire with the iconic cast of characters as they approach each of the fast-paced, bombastic action scenes and navigate the game’s dramatic twists.

Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days will let action-shooter fans experience:

  • Unique time-bending action: Employ a highly addictive strategic approach in tension-filled robberies and shootouts, controlling each character for overlapping bursts of time
  • Six Infamous Movie Characters: Control Mr. Blonde, Mr. Blue, Mr. Brown, Mr. Orange, Mr. Pink, and Mr. White in a series of heists
  • Heists and surprises based on the film: Experience adrenaline-filled heists with the Reservoir Dogs crew.


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