Puzzle Agent [RELISTED]

Puzzle Agent [RELISTED]

Digital Release:PC
June 30, 2010 - Telltale
July 07, 2010 - Steam
September 25, 2015 - GOG.com

PlayStation 3
April 19, 2011 (US)
June 01, 2011 (AU, EU)
Delisting:May 27, 2019 - GOG.com
Relisting:May 2020 - GOG.com
Developer:Telltale Games
Athlon Games (2020)
Publisher:Telltale Games
LCG Entertainment (2020)
Available On:Steam
PlayStation 3
Links:Telltale homepage


Puzzle Agent and Puzzle Agent 2 returned to GOG.com in early May of 2020. Like other Telltale Games titles that have returned to sale, both games are now published by Athlon Games with the developer listed as LCG Entertainment.


Puzzle Agent was delisted from GOG.com on May 27th, 2019. GOG.com Team member Chandra announced in a forum post on May 23rd, 2019 that all titles from Telltale Games would be removed from GOG.com on the 27th. The announcement read:

“Sadly, we need to inform you that, due to company’s closure, all the remaining Telltale titles will be delisted from our catalog on Monday, May 27, 10am UTC. For everyone who purchased any of said titles prior to delisting, the games will remain in their GOG library.

The titles are as follows: the Wolf Among Us, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Hector: Badge of Carnage, the Batman series, Sam & Max series, Puzzle Agent series, Tales from the Borderlands, and Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People.”

As of this writing the game remains available on Steam and PlayStation 3.

About the Game

When White House inquiries to the Scoggins Eraser Co. are answered only with curious puzzles, Nelson Tethers from the U.S. Department of Puzzle Research is sent on the case.

The strange events in Scoggins will challenge every ounce of Tethers’ expertise, and possibly his very wits too, with brainteasers at every turn: mazes, logic puzzles, riddles, and more. He soon realizes that these – along with the clinically pre-occupied townspeople, secret societies, and peculiar sounds from the forest – are intimately connected to the core mystery. And what’s with the gnomes?

Created with indie comic artist Graham Annable’s unique narrative and visual sensibilities, delivered with the distinctive Telltale storytelling style, Puzzle Agent is sure to challenge, thrill and engage in more ways than you can shake a cryptogram at!

  • Plentiful puzzles to challenge your neurons. See if you can find every puzzle to solve the mystery of Scoggins — mazes, logic, riddles, brainteasers and more.
  • Investigate the strange, peculiar and mind-boggling to crack the case! Your discoveries provide clues to the larger mystery crippling the town, or uncover puzzles that must be solved to reveal answers … or even more questions.
  • Hunting for Hints: Chewing gum helps Agent Tethers think and solve. Find and collect gum wads around the town to uncover hints if you get “stuck” in any puzzles.

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