PlayStation Home Arcade

PlayStation Home Arcade

homearcadeDigital Release:PlayStation Vita
February 5, 2013 (US)
February 6, 2013 (AU, EU, FR)
Delisting:March 31, 2015
Available On:PlayStation Vita (AU, EU, FR)
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The PlayStation Home Arcade app for PlayStation Vita was likely delisted on or near March 31st, 2015 alongside its counterpart, PlayStation Home.

Attempting to view the app from a user’s PlayStation account history page returns the error “SKUID is missing” but the app can still be re-downloaded directly from a North American Vita through the PlayStation Store’s Download List. Users who can still access the app can continue to play the bundled games: WipEout 2D, Icebreaker and the Scribble Shooter demo. The store interface returns no items available to buy.

While removed from the North American PlayStation Store, the app can still be downloaded from the Australian, European, and French PlayStation Stores.


About the Game

After its initial launch on February 5th, 2013, no other games were added to PlayStation Home Arcade.

Since launch, PS Vita owners have gained access to lots of great applications on our new handheld, and we don’t have any plans to slow down. We’re rolling out a brand new app that brings many classic arcade games, along with a few new titles that were previously available only through PlayStation Home. We call it PlayStation Home Arcade.

PlayStation Home Arcade is available today and serves as a portal for some of your favorite arcade classics like Centipede, Asteroids, and Frogger. We’re also offering more recent titles, like Icebreaker and the very addicting Scribble Shooter, which was previously only available in PlayStation Home. The PlayStation Home Arcade app is a free download in the PlayStation Store, and you can purchase games from directly within the app, starting at $1.49 each. To celebrate the launch, we’re offering Ice Breaker, WipEout 2D and a demo of Scribble Shooter absolutely free!

If you’ve purchased any of the available titles as arcade cabinets within PlayStation Home, you can download these titles again on PS Vita at no additional cost.

The following titles are available today through PlayStation Home Arcade:

  • Icebreaker (Free)
  • WipEout 2D (Free)
  • Scribble Shooter (Demo available for Free) – $1.49
  • Frogger – $1.49
  • Time Pilot – $1.49
  • Asteroids – $1.49
  • Centipede- $1.49
  • Astrosmash Gen2 – $1.49
  • Shark! Shark! Gen2 – $1.49
  • Mad Blocker – $1.49

We’re constantly looking for new ways to expand PS Vita’s gaming and application offerings and giving you access to the best portable entertainment experience available, so we’re excited for you to check out PlayStation Home Arcade yourself. Let us know in the comments which games you’ll be checking out!
PlayStation Blog post

Play select PlayStation®Home arcade games on your PlayStation®Vita via the PlayStation®Home Arcade app. Download PlayStation Home Arcade and instantly enjoy WipEout®2D, Ice Breaker, and a demo of Scribble Shooter absolutely free of charge!

Once installed, purchasing games on PS Home Arcade will entitle you to download them for free in PS Home. Likewise, any games available for PS Home Arcade that you purchase (or previously purchased) in PS Home will be free to download on your PS Page


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