PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale loses online play October 25th

According to the recently updated PlayStation Store page for the game, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is going to get a lot more lonely by the end of October. The update reads:

Online features for PlayStation All-Stars (PS3, PS Vita) will no longer be playable from October 25, 2018. Functionality will be affected in the following ways:

– You can play the campaign offline as well as local (couch) multiplayer in shared screen mode.
– You will not be able to host or join an online game.

For the time being, the game remains available to buy and download on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. Given the third party characters included in the game, like BioShock’s Big Daddy and Ninja Theory’s version of Dante, it seems like only a matter of time before the entire game gets pulled from digital sale. For anyone worried about that eventuality, rest easy knowing that it’s at least available on physical media.