Penguin Wars

Penguin Wars

Digital Release:PlayStation 4
September 25, 2018 (EU, US)
January 18, 2019 (ID)
August 01, 2019 (JP)

Nintendo Switch
September 21, 2017 (JP)
August 15, 2018 (US)
June 27, 2019 (EU)
Delisting:No later than August 24, 2020
PlayStation 4 (EU, US)
Developer:City Connection
Publisher:Dispatch Games
PlayStation 4 (EU, US)
Nintendo Switch (EU, US)

City Connection
PlayStation 4 (AS, ID, JP)
Nintendo Switch (JP)
Available On:Digital:
PlayStation 4 (ID, JP)
Nintendo Switch (EU, JP, US)

Nintendo Switch
PlayStation 4
Links:Dispatch Games homepage


Penguin Wars was delisted on PlayStation 4 in Europe and North America no later than August 24th, 2020. This is the date that the game was submitted to the site and the earliest confirmation of the delisting that we have found so far. It appears that at some point Dispatch Games lost or purposefully terminated their digital publishing agreement with Sony.

As of this writing Dispatch Games continues to offer Penguin Wars on the Nintendo Switch eShop in Europe and North America. Psyvariar Delta is also still available on PlayStation 4 in Asian and Indian territories where it was published by City Connection.

About the Game

Join Riley and his friends on their journey to Gira Gira land. Collect items and earn candy to evolve your favorite character. You can also buy “Gira Skills” that let you learn special moves for each character. You can play one on one, two on two, or even play with different rules such as using bombs and other items against your opponents. Each character has a different skill set so make sure to use and master appropriate characters to help you on your journey.

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