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Original release of Ghost of Tsushima now available only through Director’s Cut pre-order

Original release of Ghost of Tsushima now available only through Director’s Cut pre-order

How do you celebrate the near-one-year anniversary of a flagship title for your platform from one of the industry’s celebrated creators? Remove it from sale of course. Ok, it’s not nearly that extreme. Shortly after announcing Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on July 1st, Sony removed the PlayStation Store entries for the original version of the game. Replaced by a new pre-order for Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut ($59.99 on PS4, $69.99 on PS5) both options include the wording “download the PS4 version of Ghost of Tsushima immediately”. So you can still get the game digitally, just not from the same store page where it was recently on sale for $40.

Note: At the time of writing I couldn’t find a page for either of these pre-orders on or in the PlayStation app, only directly on each console.

It’s a storefront shuffle we see sometimes with ‘Deluxe Edition’ and ‘Director’s Cut’ releases as a way to drive sales of the new version, and it usually comes with a separate set of Trophies or Achievements. The new Trophy set for Director’s Cut has yet to be uncovered ahead of its August 20th release so right now we aren’t sure how it’s going to shake out. This break in Trophy/Achievement sets has traditionally been a good qualifier for a game to be added to the site but, either way, I expect to be posting a page for Ghost of Tsushima soon.

If you’re looking to grab the original, standalone, PlayStation 4 experience, a retail copy is your best bet today. Walmart, Target, and Best Buy, among others, currently have the game at $39.99. Amazon was sold out at the time of writing with more copies “in stock soon”. Unfortunately, you’ll still wind up spending $70 to walk the game up to the PlayStation 5 ‘Director’s Cut’ experience after a $29.99 upgrade fee.