On 10th Anniversary, a spark of hope and concern for Scott Pilgrim's return

We just passed the 10th anniversary of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game (also the movie it’s based on) and there’s been some hopeful rumblings around something, anything, happening with it returning to sale.

Alongside reminiscing about the 2010 movie adaptation, Bryan Lee O’Malley tweeted a small thread about the game on August 13th. He included some storyboards he drew for the game and reiterated to Ubisoft the combined energy of Tribute Games (the developer), Anamanaguchi (the music), OniPress (the comic publisher), iam8bit (to handle a physical release), and himself who all want to create a re-release or a full remake of the game.

Even the creators of the game haven’t been able to garner a response from Ubisoft over the last six years, but with all the nostalgia hitting around the anniversary the din may have finally reached the ear of the publisher. O’Malley’s latest tweet cryptically states “PS. ubisoft has reached out to me“.

That’s great news for the game but this is 2020 and no one gets to be truly happy. Ten years on and Ubisoft has recently been revealed to be one of gaming’s largest villains with allegations of mental and physical abuse pouring out from past and present staff. While fans are excited about a potential re-release of the game, many are also hopeful that it can come from anyone but Ubisoft.

I’ll be back with more when (if) it happens but you can read a little more on the news from both Kotaku and USGamer. And since it’s been a while, I’ll be whipping the game’s page on the site into shape soon with these new details.