NERF Ultimate Championship

NERF Ultimate Championship

Digital ReleasePC
August 25, 2022
DelistingMarch 01, 2023 – Removed from Sale
August 31, 2023 – Server Shutdown
DeveloperSecret Location
PublisherSecret Location
Available OnNone page


Developer Secret Location announced on February 15th, 2023 that NERF Ultimate Championship would be removed from sale on the Oculus store on March 1st. The game would then remain fully playable for anyone who owned it until August 31st when the online services were shut down.

Today we have some important, but hard, news to announce to the community on the future of NERF Ultimate Championship. With a heavy heart, the decision has been made to wind down support for the game and any future content. The choice to do so does not come lightly, but with recent changes at our parent company, Secret Location will be shutting down as a studio and we will no longer have the resources to continue supporting the game.

Concretely, this means that players will no longer be able to launch the game after August 31st, 2023. The game will also be “de-listed” on the Meta Quest Store as of March 1st so that no additional purchases of the game can be made. From March 1st to August 31st, existing players that own the game will still be able to fully enjoy the game, unlocking skins through the Season Pass, and playing all the maps currently available. After August 31st, the servers will be shut down, and the game will no longer be accessible. We know the passion and enthusiasm you have all had for our game is still there, and we hope you enjoy it with your friends until the end date.

Thank you all for playing our game and for the energy you brought to the Arena. While support for the game between now and August 31st will be minimal, we hope you can all enjoy one last hurrah over the next six months.

See you in the Arena one last time, Champions

Oculus Store Announcement – February 15, 2023

The parent company mentioned above is Entertainment One (eOne), a long-standing media and entertainment company that was acquired by Hasbro in December of 2019. In 2023 Hasbro was looking to sell off eOne and many of its media properties that include Peppa Pig and PJ Masks. As part of this restructuring for sale they apparently decided to shut down Secret Location which eOne acquired in 2016 and was their only in-road into gaming.

By April 12th, 2023, Secret Location announced that all their published Steam titles would “no longer be available to purchase after May 2023.” Blasters of the Universe, The Great C, and Transpose would be delisted on May 31st. Below is a list of associated titles:

About the Game

Squad up and blast your way to victory in action-packed 4v4 multiplayer NERF battles! Master the unique mechanics of an ever-expanding stash of real-life NERF blasters and rule the arenas of the future by wall-running, ricocheting, and slam-firing a storm of darts down on your opponents across 5 challenging maps and 3 game modes.   

FREE SEASON PASSES: Unlock original skins! A snarling shark running down the side of your blaster! How about Steampunk inspired gear?   

AUTHENTIC NERF BLASTERS: Master their priming and reload mechanics, perfect your aim with unique dart physics, and storm the competition with dual-wield capabilities!   

LOCOMOTION: Parkour style-movement, wall-running, and double jumping! 

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